BURNN ZONE powered by Bad Mikey's

Taking the best elements of fitness and bringing them together for you.

Burnn Zone powered by Bad Mikey's combines STRIKING, STAMINA, and STRENGTH training in every class.  These three elements will transform your body into the best version of itself. And just to be sure that you are getting the most out of your workouts both in classes and on your own, we offer Polar HR Technology to monitor your progress, and see real results.


Burnn Zone offers classes that incorporate real Striking.

Boxing, kickboxing and self defense drills that will sculpt your body while teaching you the technique you need.

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Speed, core, explosion and agility training.  You will be strong in every category. We are constantly working to shock the body into the best condition.

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Strengthening your muscles is an intricate part of the puzzle that you need.  Whether it's weights or resistance by strengthening all of your muscles you will be optimizing your abilities on all platforms.

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Burnn Zone powered by Bad Mikey's offers Polar Heart Monitoring, the latest state of the art technology that tracks your heart rate throughout classes or your Burnn Zone circuit. This is the fastest, most effective way to reach your fitness goals.

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